Re-install Latest Operating System $50

Clean-out + Thermal Paste Replacement (will likely fix overheating) 

(Mac Mini, Macbook, iMac up to 2012) $50

(Newer iMac 2013+) $90

SSD Installation Includes: Operating System Installation, Data Transfer*

(Macbook up to 2012, Mac Mini, iMac up to 2012) 500GB / 1TB $130 / $180

(iMac 2013+) 500GB / 1TB $170 / $220

EFI Reprogramming (Password Removal, Corrupt Bios) 

(Macbook up to 2017, Mac Mini up to 2017, iMac up to 2012) $80

(iMac 2013-2019) $120

Logic Board Repair: Pricing by Model and Issue, Requires Diagnostic

Please contact us for any model-specific part replacement quotes!

*All Operating Systems are installed as if the computer were brand new. If your original drive is working we can try to migrate the data from it. Certain older programs may not be capable of transferring over.

We will make every effort to retrieve data from your old drive if it is working.