By submitting this form to CH Tech Repair I agree to the following:

I release my device to CH Tech Repair to have repair work performed. I have the authority to release this device. I agree to this legally-binding contract. I am at least 18 years old.

CH Tech Repair can not guarantee any data on my device. Software issues can result from hardware changes. A software reset may be needed to repair my device and as a result data may be lost. It is my responsibility to back-up any important data prior to my device being handled by CH Tech Repair. I'm also responsible for protecting all of my private data. CH Tech Repair may require my password or passcode in order to perform testing on my device. CH Tech Repair may need to make copies of and incidentally view my data in order to achieve my repair. CH Tech Repair will make every effort to protect and recover customer data.

I understand additional labor and parts may be required in order to repair my device. CH Tech Repair will call and inform me of the new repair quote if this is the case before proceeding with my repair.

CH Tech Repair does not guarantee full functionality of any device. Certain parts may be irreplaceable. Features such as Touch ID and Face ID can be disabled as a result of changing parts. Every effort will be put forth to insure a quality repair and a functional device. This repair is performed under a "no fix, no fee" agreement. If the repair can not be completed, or the device would otherwise be non-functional, the device will be returned to me in as close to original condition as possible at no additional charge. I can also opt to leave the device with CH Tech Repair for proper recycling. If the device was mailed, I am responsible for return shipping costs should I want the device returned.

If the device is repaired, I agree to pay the full agreed-to amount for parts and labor related to my repair in order to retrieve my device from CH Tech Repair.

The device will be held for at least 45 days following completion of work, unless otherwise agreed upon. Completion of work is defined as the repair being completed, inability to complete the repair, or when CH Tech Repair has been waiting on my reply for more than 14 days in regards to continuing my repair with no response. CH Tech Repair will make at least two attempts to contact me in reference to my device during this time using the information I provided. Once my device has passed 45 days after completion of work, and if no other arrangement has been made, my device will be considered abandoned. Abandoned devices become the property of CH Tech Repair and are liquidated. CH Tech Repair cannot store devices indefinitely.

A limited part and workmanship warranty of 90 days is provided with my completed repair starting from the date of pick-up. This warranty covers only the parts installed by CH Tech Repair. This warranty is voided by any physical damage to the related parts or any liquid damage to the device as indicated by LDIs(Liquid Damage Indicators) within the device or electrolytic corrosion.

If I am mailing my device, I agree that transit is not the responsibility of CH Tech Fixed. Devices lost in transit are the responsibility of the respective postal carrier. If my device is repaired, I agree to pay for the repair in full in order to have it returned to me. A tracking number will be provided once the device has been sent. If the device is unable to be repaired, I agree to pay for return shipping if I want my device returned. I can choose to leave my device with CH Tech Repair for proper recycling at no additional charge.