Any Device Clean-out + Thermal Paste Replacement (will likely fix overheating) $50

Re-install Current Operating System $50

Logic Board Repair : Pricing by Model and Issue, Requires Diagnostic

Windows 10 Upgrade - Includes: Operating System Installation, Serial Key, and Data Backup/Transfer $90

Gaming PC Assembly and Basic Setup Service $100

SSD Installation Includes Operating System Installation and Data Transfer* 500GB / 1TB $130 / $180

Please contact us for any model-specific part replacement quotes!

*All Operating Systems are installed as if the computer were brand new. We install Google Chrome and update the device. You will need to re-install programs relevant to you. If your old drive is working, we are able to get serial keys for most programs to aid you with this, but we do not install software aside from what we do for every customer. Upon request with a fully working drive we can perform a clone (exact copy of everything) but this may not always be possible.

Our PCs are built with top of the line thermal paste and cable management. We are happy to help you pick the right parts for a great PC!

Is your PC running slow? It may be time to upgrade your old Hard Drive to a Solid State Drive or SSD! We offer this upgrade on many devices; the results are immediately noticeable! Your PC will run faster than ever!

We will make every effort to retrieve data from your old drive if it is working.